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Want to grow your business? Make a greater impact in the world? Become a leader in your industry?

Every week our host Nicole Jansen interviews business leaders and difference makers who are transforming the world with their strengths, passion and expertise. Tune in weekly to hear inspiring stories of transformation, overcoming obstacles, and global impact.

From freeing women and children from the sex trafficking industry, to transforming the way we do business and interact with others, these leaders of transformation will inspire and equip you to be the difference maker and world changer you were born to be.

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Mar 28, 2016

If sales is the number one skill in business, number two has to be the ability to bring ordinary people together to build a championship team.  During this interview, Blair Singer shares the secrets to building a championship team - how to attract, train and retain great people who are committed to your mission and core values.  These are the very same techniques he uses in his own businesses,  teams, within his family, and that he teaches to his Fortune 500 clients.

For almost three decades, Blair Singer has empowered people around the world to go beyond their ordinary selves and reach peak performance, rightfully earning him a worldwide reputation as an expert in sales, business and personal growth.

Spanning 25 countries on 5 continents, his clients range from Fortune 500 companies like Singapore Airlines, Deutsche Bank, Redken, HSBC, IBM, CitiGroup, UPS Stores, Dunkin' Donuts, and Westin Hotels, to small business owners, entrepreneurs, and sales teams.  Blair applies the same tried and true principles that work for big corporations to the Business of Everyday Life, helping individuals hungry for greater success. 

He regularly speaks to tens of thousands of people all around the world on “Little Voice” Mastery and how it can be applied to better your life personally and professionally. He is the founder of the Blair Singer Virtual Training Academy, a virtual learning center that houses the tools to help people move beyond their “Little Voice” to become the bigger, more powerful people they were meant to be, as well as learn the business development skills to excel in sales and team development.

Blair is also a Rich Dad Advisor, Founder of the Blair Singer Group Of Companies, and the author of 3 best-selling books: 'Team Code Of Honor', 'SalesDogs: You Don't Have To Be An Attack Dog To Be Successful In Sales', and 'Little Voice Mastery: How To Win The War Between Your Ears In 30 Seconds Or Less - And Have An Extraordinary Life!'

Transformation, leadership, building a team that will stand the test of time - whether that's your home team or your business team - listen as Blair masterfully shares his words of wisdom in this powerful interview.  

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