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Jun 7, 2016

Have you ever dreamed of singing with your favorite rock star?  Journey to the bottom of Atlantic to view the RMS Titanic, or go into outer space?

Steve Sims, from the outskirts of London, wasn’t born into the world of luxury but certainly holds his place there now.

Steve Sims began the bespoke international travel and lifestyle concierge firm, Bluefish in the early 1990's. A lust to work within the financial world took Sims overseas to Hong Kong where he applied an odd approach to gaining clientele: to party with them, or more accurately, arranging them to party and controlling access with a silly password: Blue Fish.

Before long Sims had quite an impressive Rolodex of powerful contacts and unparalleled connections. He also had a line around the block (literally) of celebrities, athletes and executives requesting access to once in a lifetime memories. And so Bluefish was born. 

Relocating to the United States in 2000, Bluefish began to grow rapidly. Bluefish earned an exclusive reputation after official involvement in numerous events including the Kentucky Derby, Award Shows and New York Fashion Week. 

Bluefish has continued to dazzle the rich and famous with extraordinary experiences and execution of the impossible; from sending clients to the bottom of the Atlantic to view the RMS Titanic all the way into outer space for civilian space flights.

In our interview with Steve, he shares his secret to success, outlined in what he calls the 7 Ugly Truths.  As a fun framework for a podcast he did with his good friend Dean Jackson, Steve came up with these 7 principles that he lives by. That lead to Steve being offered a book deal by the successful publishing house, Simon & Shuster, and his new book on the 7 Ugly Truths will be released in 2017.  Steve has even spoken at Harvard - twice!   

Dynamic, fun, soft-hearted, and 100% true to who he is, Steve will show you the perfection in imperfection, simple ways to make your mark in business and your relationships, and how to live life more fully by embracing what you truly desire.

To learn more about Steve Sims and his "imperfections are your perfection" philosophy, visit: 

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