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Every week our host Nicole Jansen interviews business leaders and difference makers who are transforming the world with their strengths, passion and expertise. Tune in weekly to hear inspiring stories of transformation, overcoming obstacles, and global impact.

From freeing women and children from the sex trafficking industry, to transforming the way we do business and interact with others, these leaders of transformation will inspire and equip you to be the difference maker and world changer you were born to be.

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Jul 5, 2016

Sean Bacon is a Canadian Armed Forces veteran who served 12 years as a Paratrooper and as an Instructor at the Canadian Forces Military Police Academy.

During that time Sean developed a system of training to psychologically and physically prepare both soldiers and police to survive and thrive in some of the worst situations and environments the world has to offer.

Now his company, Dynamic Shift Consulting uses this “Warrior Mindset System” to work with Corporate Leaders and Organizations and Athletic Teams to develop and sustain Mental Toughness, Leadership and Team Development in a
competitive environment.

During this interview, Sean shares with us the secret to using intentional adversity in building mental toughness and stress inoculation, his lessons in failure, and how he uses standards to develop top performing teams, both in athletics and corporate management teams.  

Kindhearted and mentally tough, Sean will inspire you to take on adversity with renewed courage and confidence, knowing that you will be stronger as a result of your experience - a leader who is able to guide your team to victory - in business and in life. 

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