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Mar 6, 2017

In the United States alone, $13 Billion a year is spent on sex trafficking, which is more than is spent on the NFL, MBA, and MLB combined. Whether we realize it or not, it's happening in our cities on a grand scale.  

As a survivor herself, Harmony "Dust" Grillo knows the pain and suffering that victims of abuse and sex trafficking experience.  After undergoing her own healing and personal transformation, Harmony chose to return to the industry as a social worker, helping other women (and girls) gain the freedom and healing they never knew was possible.

The impact of her organization, Treasures, now reaches across the globe to over 100 cities in 9 countries on 6 continents, instilling 3 core values into the women - that they are LOVED, VALUED and PURPOSED.

In this interview, Harmony shares her own story, along with the lasting impact that the sex industry has on these women.  She also provides background insight into how women get into the industry - 90% were abused as children - and how they are bringing healing to these women through Outreach, Care, and Training initiatives.

As well, they have launched a Men For Treasures initiative which works to reduce the demand.  It is now largely supported and funded by men who are redirecting money that they used to spend on strip clubs, pornography, prostitutes and escorts, to help bring healing to the women affected.  

Harmony shares with us how we can get involved, whether it's simply praying for these women, volunteering our time and resources, or starting a local initiative using their model of support.

In addition, she also describes the power of unconditional love and community for bringing healing hope to those in need.  Whether you choose to support this cause or simply take what Harmony shares and apply it to your own passion project, this interview is well-worth listening to.  Enjoy! 

Key Takeaways

1) In the United States alone, $13 Billion a year is spent on sex trafficking, which is more than is spent on the NFL, MBA, and MLB combined.

2) The power of a postcard. Use what you have in your hands, no matter how small or seemingly insignificant, and let God do the rest.

3) The power of community. People just want to love and be loved. 

4) Christianity is NOT a behavioral modification program. Don't push your beliefs on others. Love people unconditionally and let them experience their own heart transformation on their own time.  

5) The healing process takes whatever it takes, and it's worth it.

How To Get Support

Go to and click on the "Industry Girls Only" tab. 

Pick up a copy of Harmony's book: Scars & Stilettos.

How To Get Involved

1) Amazon Smile - Choose "Treasures" as your preferred charity and every time you spend money through the Amazon Smile program, Amazon donates a portion to Treasures.

2) Prayer Team - Join their prayer team and or pray on your own, for those in the industry to experience the healing power of prayer.

3) Volunteer - Apply online to become a volunteer.

4) Financial Partnership - Treasures is funded by individual donations and appreciates your financial support. 

5) Launch A Local Initiative - Get training from Treasures and launch an initiative in your city or country.    

Harmony "Dust" Grillo Bio

Harmony “Dust” Grillo founded Treasures Ministries (Treasures), a faith-based, survivor-led outreach and support group to women in the sex industry and victims of sex trafficking in 2003.

She completed a Master’s Degree in Social Work at UCLA before going on to work as a Children’s Social Worker at the Department of Children Services. In 2007, she received the Dorothy F. Kirby Outstanding Youth Social Worker Award from the National Associate
of Social Workers.

As a sex-industry overcomer, Harmony is passionate about assisting women in their journey of healing and transformation. Using a combination of personal stories, biblical insights and evidence-based theories, she sheds light on the impact a “pornified” culture has on the people who live in it.

In 2007, Harmony’s story was featured in Glamour Magazine, bringing an international spotlight to the work of Treasures. As the need for similar organizations across the globe became apparent, Harmony and her team began training others to replicate the Treasures’ model of outreach and care in their cities.

Since that point, through their Outreach Training Program, Treasures has provided training to help launch outreaches in over a hundred cities, in nine countries, on six continents. Her vision is to see a sex industry outreach trained and mobilized in every major city on the globe where the commercial sex industry is operating.

She has been featured in various media sources, including Glamour Magazine, The Dr. Drew Show, The Tyra Banks Show and Preachers of LA. She is a sought after speaker and her memoir, Scars & Stilettos, gives an account of the journey of going from working in strip clubs, to leading an organization that reaches women in the sex industry on a global scale.

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