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Mar 21, 2017

How do you use LinkedIn to expand your network and partner with the right people? In today's interview, Joshua Wilson explains how he does it, along with how to position your value proposition in such a way that people want to engage with you. 

As the Director of Affiliate & Partner Network for The Dallas Entrepreneur Center, Founder of The Village Push, and a Growth Consultant to Venture Capitalists, Startups and Non-Profits, Joshua has mastered the essence of customer motivation and retention. Today, he shares the finer distinctions on how you define your ideal customer profile, position your value proposition, and create meaningful relationships with key contacts using LinkedIn - and how to transform an online connection into a more personalized conversation that leads to lasting strategic partnerships.

Joshua will also dispel some common myths about LinkedIn sales practices, as well as how many followers you need in order to see results from your LinkedIn efforts.  

Enjoy this interview, as Joshua provides valuable tips that will forever transform the way you see sales and marketing.

Key Takeaways 

1) Shift your focus from what you can GET to what you can GIVE.

2) If I'm your ideal customer, why should I buy from you vs anybody else...or not at all?  

3) 1-20,000 followers in specific tiers have higher conversions than 100,000 followers that you have little or no relationship (trust) with.

4) Create a list of 100 people who might be ideal customers or strategic partners.  Narrow that list to the top 20.  Figure out how to connect with them in a meaningful way. Nurture the other 80 such that you build trust over time.

5) It's easier and cheaper to keep a client than it is to gain a new one.

6) Develop your LinkedIn profile to attract your ideal customer or strategic partner.

7) Become an expert on solving your ideal customer's problems.

Favorite Quotes

1) People pay more for pain killers than they do for vitamins.

2) Nobody wakes up in the morning wishing for a free e-book.

3) If you can climb out of a hole, you can climb up a mountain. It's the same skill.

4) Copy genius rather than create mediocrity.

Joshua Wilson Bio

Joshua Wilson is the Director, Affiliate & Partner Network for The Dallas Entrepreneur Center, Founder of The Village Push, and a Growth Consultant for Venture Capitalists, Startups and Non-Profits.  

He truly cares about people, whether it is a wealthy business mogul or a homeless person on the street. He has devoted his life to investing in people and ideas, because he feels that people can do great things when they work together.

He is an expert in strategic partnerships, customer motivation and customer acquisition, and teaches others how to grow their organizations and make a greater impact through their initiatives.

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