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Mar 28, 2017

What is love, really? Where do you find it? Who do you turn to when times get tough?

In today's interview, William and Ranae Shepherd share their authentically real and raw stories of how they each found their way into - and out of - the dark side of the entertainment and fashion industry of Los Angeles.  

William, a talented fashion and commercial model, published in GQ Magazine, High-end Retailers, and New York Fashion Week, and Ranae, a young, hopeful actress, rubbing shoulders at the Playboy Mansion, looking for love in all the wrong places; their story is one of the redemptive power of unconditional love - God's love - that now shines through them and spreads to every person they meet.

Today, they run a nonprofit organization called The Night Shepherd, which provides a 24/7 help line, meetups, and referrals to legitimate resources, for anyone in the entertainment and fashion industry. They are a friend in anybody's night, particularly when darkness hurts. Through their initiative, artists find hope, a listening ear, and guidance in safely launching their career in LA.   

William and Ranae also lead activities and groups that support the spiritual growth of single men and women.  Ranae also works with women in an all-female sober living home, giving them hope and encouragement for a better life.  

Unconditional love, restoration, healing, and possibility - listen in as we go deep into what it really means to love and be loved.

Key Takeaways

1) Love is not about what you can get, it's about what you give.

2) Anybody can be a Night Shepherd, being a friend in times of need.

3) Love heals. 

4) You're never too broken to be loved by God.

5) True Christianity is loving others as Christ loves us - without condition or judgement. 

Free Resources

24/7 Help Line: 877-906-7470 

William Shepherd Bio

Born in North Carolina and raised in South Dakota, William is a creative content designer, speaker, and business owner.  He is also a former fashion and commercial model.  His work has been published in GQ Magazine, High-end Retailers, and New York Fashion Week. 

More recently, he is the lead director of the college & career department at CityLight LA, hosting services, small groups, and activities that grow and encourage the spiritual lives of single men and women. 

He is also the Founder & Director of The Night Shepherd a non profit organization dedicated to helping and supporting those who are struggling in the entertainment and fashion industry of Los Angeles. Being a positive wave that is always there, day or night.

Will has also partnered with financial broker, Equis Financial, in 2016 and is currently building a team of other entrepreneur business men and women along the west coast. 

Will's diverse background influences what he captures.  Whether on film or on paper, his vision focuses on his perception of the world and those who are in it. All walks of life grab his attention, and his curiosity only induces it. The human condition is important to William and his projects, only to encapsulate what lies deep within our hearts, passions, and work. 

Ranae Shepherd Bio

Ranae grew up in Kentucky, went to college in Florida, and in July 2007, at the age of 21, moved to Los Angeles. Upon arriving, she began acting right away and became heavily involved in the entertainment industry. 

By 2012, regretful choices began eating away at her, but on June 24, 2012, she gave her life to Christ.  In 2014, she married William Shepherd and together they launched a nonprofit organization & ministry called The Night Shepherd.

In addition to supporting William in his role at CityLight LA, Ranae also runs a Bible devotion each month at an all-female sober living home. She loves to speak for women's events and church conferences to share her story of redemption, how Christ can take a wrecked life and turn it into something beautiful. Her goal is to inspire and encourage women through mentorship and her testimony. She also is deeply motivated to provide credible resources to those in the industry through The Night Shepherd. She is currently working on her memoir.

The desire of Ranae and William is to point others to Christ and share where God has brought them from and to where He is directing them now.  

Ranae has been featured in various media sources, including The 700 Club, US Weekly Magazine, People Magazine, The LA Times, Huffington Post and Fox News.  

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