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Apr 25, 2017

Now more than ever, our world is crying out for great leaders to help solve global issues that affect us all.  How can you answer the call and navigate these turbulent times as an exceptional leader?

According to leadership expert, Alex Ihama, it's not about position, popularity, prosperity, or even power, but rather great leadership is about purpose, passion, principles, and philanthropy - serving others vs serving yourself.  While many people intellectually know this, most leaders today still operate based on the misconceptions of leadership, and thus, countries and organizations around the world are in chaos, struggling to keep up with changing times. 

Whether you are an entrepreneur, business executive, statesman, or non-profit leader seeking to make an impact, this is a message you won't want to miss.

In today's interview with us, Alex Ihama dispels five misconceptions he has identified as present in most leaders today, and introduces us to the truth about leadership in practical and meaningful terms.  Alex further outlines the essential qualities of a leader, the 3 main laws of leadership, and why your purpose is the gateway to you optimizing your leadership capabilities. 

A wealth of wisdom and insight, you are about to learn from a leader of leaders, how to distinguish yourself as an exceptional leader and go beyond focusing on the perks of the position to the original purpose of leadership itself.   

Key Takeaways

1) Most have a working knowledge of leadership but yet many have not taken the time to weed out misconceptions of leadership from their mindset.

2) When you do more than you're paid to do, your leadership spirit is awakened.

3) Leadership is less about credentials, creativity and charisma, is more about credibility, compassion, character.

4) Have a filter of information and be wary of fake news.

5) You cannot discover your purpose and sit where you are.

Favorite Quotes

1) Leadership without spirituality quickly leads to dictatorship. 

2) Leadership is the bridge between your purpose and your vision.

3) Whatever you have been through, has prepared you for a time like this.

4) Leadership at best is merely spirituality in action.

5) "If everyone would just sweep the front of their home, the world would be clean." - Mother Teresa

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Alex Ihama Bio

Alex Ihama is an internationally acclaimed speaker who has been delivering keynotes on personal development, leadership effectiveness and strategic management to audiences all over the world for almost two decades.

Widely known for his contagious passion, he is often sought after by executives, politicians, pastors, entrepreneurs, academicians and other groups for the extensive knowledge which he acquired from his dramatic childhood, his deep research on life, business and spiritual matters, his wide intercontinental travels, and his consistent involvement in the lives of thousands through speaking, coaching, training, consulting, mentoring and writing.

In addition to numerous self-help audio and DVD training programs, Alex Ihama has authored two internationally acclaimed books with Balboa Press, a division of Hay House Publishers. Welcome to Greatness, published in 2011, is a step-by-step roadmap which continues to transform the lives of readers, empowering them to deal with character and situational challenges, and inspiring them to be and do more for themselves and others.

His second book, The Mystique of Leadership, published in 2015, challenges people who are either in or aspiring for positions of authority to connect their minds with their hearts, and their profession with their purpose. While debunking myths and misconceptions about leadership, the book educates readers on rare and critical leadership concepts like strategic alliance, diversity, organizational behaviour and change, paradigm and cultural shifts, peer development and social responsibility. It has received endorsements and rave reviews from senior executives in profit and non-profit organizations around the world, and also used as a leadership curriculum.

In 2013, Alex Ihama founded The School of Greatness Worldwide, which is a unique educational institution that offers free webinars and seminars for people all over the world to learn life, leadership and entrepreneurship skills which are not taught in conventional schools, yet required to excel in life after school. 

He is also the founder and Executive Director of The Exhortation Community Organization (TEXCO), a non-profit arm that partners with corporations, churches, communities, schools and associations to donate his time, books and inspirational resources to detention centres and youth and women shelters across Canada and worldwide.

With the vision of “A Renewed Mind for Everyone”, Alex Ihama is known worldwide to “Deliver Messages that Stick™”. Through his School of Greatness, he continues to train and certify coaches and speakers to lead campuses of hope and inspiration in different parts of the world.