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May 7, 2017

“You don’t have to live with whatever life throws you—or whatever you’ve gotten yourself into. You can change your story! No matter how it looks right now, your life is a masterpiece waiting to be discovered.” This is the message of author, screenwriter, singer, and sought after speaker, Kirstin Leigh.

Originally from a small town in Kentucky, Kirstin Leigh is a powerhouse of strength and compassion—one who has battled the demons (and the bottle) and won. In today’s interview Kirstin shares captivatingly honest accounts of her dreams, detours, tragedies, and triumphs; what it took to overcome, and why her breakout book Change Your Story is the story she never planned to tell.

If you have ever struggled with addictions, depression, or anxiety; if you are tired of wrestling with negative thoughts and being defined by your past; if you wonder why the same things keep happening to you and are ready for your breakthrough… you won’t want to miss today’s interview.

Key Takeaways:

1) More often than we’d like to believe, the addictions, the bad relationships and every other problem we have, are our insides screaming, “Deal with me!”

2) Balancing (pretending to be fine), takes every bit of our energy and is the biggest distraction to our destiny.

3) Dealing with our backstory is NOT the same as dwelling on it.

4) Our feelings deserve to be heard and need to be understood—but sometimes we have to tell them to shut-up!

5) Our bad decisions can make us wiser. Our rocky past can clear the path for a purpose filled life.

6) When you’re stuck, ask God to reveal what’s standing in your way.

7) You are not your pain, your problem, or your past.

8) The worst part of our story can bring God glory—if we let it.

Favorite Quotes:

“Don’t let WHERE you are become WHO you are.” 

“If you don’t learn from the battle behind you, you won’t see the one in front of you.”

“Don’t breakdown—breakthrough.”

“Your scars can become someone else’s stepping stones.”

“Feelings have a mission. Change requires vision.”

“Our story is a chapter in someone else’s life.”

Kirstin Leigh's Bio:

As a writer, singer and speaker, Kirstin’s goal is for her messages, characters, songs, and stories to speak to a part of the soul that has been untouched or forgotten. She hopes that by sharing pieces of her journey, along with Biblical truths, insights and revelations, that people from all walks of life will be challenged, inspired, motivated, and equipped with the tools to “change their story” and to become everything God created them to be.

In addition to speaking at youth events, women’s conferences, rehab centers and churches, Kirstin Leigh has written over one hundred articles for national publications and churches such as The Daily Positive and One Church LA. Kirstin’s up and coming projects include a television series for teens that features her original music, a series of books for young readers, and a trilogy for middle graders.

Kirstin Leigh’s faith based self-empowerment book Change Your Story was released Easter weekend, and is endorsed by International Author, Speaker, and Life Advisor, Tim Storey; Touré Roberts, Author and Founder of One Church LA; Judy Radachy, Founder of Oasis of Hollywood; Rex Holt, Pastor of Mercy Chapel; and Actress and Author, Nancy Stafford.

Change Your Story is for every soul that is searching, every heart that has been broken, every dreamer who lost the fight… and every survivor who is ready to soar.

What other Leaders of Transformation are saying:

“It’s time to change your story. That is the message of Kirstin Leigh. In a time when so many people are finding themselves in an OK life, Kirstin Leigh tells us and shows us by experience that there is definitely more. Her story is compelling and gives us hope, that we can change the channel at any point in our journey and find a life full of meaning and strength. I highly recommend this encouraging book.”

TIM STOREY, Author, Speaker, Life Advisor

“Change Your Story will give you the impetus and inspiration you need to get you ‘unstuck’ and make those long desired changes in your life! Full of Biblical truths and powerful insights, Kirstin Leigh will help you shake off your past, alter your thinking, and dare to believe that you DO have a wonderful future and destiny. A natural encourager, Kirstin proves that it doesn’t matter where you’ve been—you CAN change your story! This book can change your life!”

NANCY STAFFORD, Actress, Speaker, and Author of The Wonder of His Love: A Journey into the Heart of God and Beauty by the Book: Seeing Yourself as God Sees You. 

“Everyone has a story but only the brave really share their stories. Kirstin Leigh is brave. I know her. She is radiant, life-giving, a blessing bearer to all. She is a woman who has learned to live again and her life message will inspire, motivate, and equip you to change your story. Her practical insights will engage you and give you the courage to dig deeply into your own story. You will start to see it from a new perspective. This book will read you as you read it providing on-ramps to a road of unimaginable freedom where dreams become reality. I am honored to endorse such a life giving book.”

W. REX HOLT, Pastor of Mercy Chapel, Agoura Hills, CA


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