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Jun 6, 2017

How do you handle conflict and why would it benefit you to embrace it? Today, author, speaker, black belt and engineer, Karen Valencic, re-frames conflict and confrontation and demonstrates how it is absolutely necessary for creativity and innovation to flourish.  

Combining physics and martial art concepts, Karen's unique methodology called Spiral Impact, shifts the focus from force to power, so that individuals and teams grow through conflict, vs stifling progress by forcing their way through it.

Using the analogy of a tornado, she goes on to explain how you can center yourself, developing the calm eye in the midst of the storm, so you can harness your power within.

She also provides very practical exercises you can use yourself and with your team, in order to position yourself for greater collaboration and innovation.  A must-hear for any entrepreneur or business leader who desires to lead the field with a top-performing team.

Key Takeaways

1) Conflict is not a mental thing; its solution is usually multi-dimensional within us.

2) Influence is often about getting people to agree with your point of view while collaboration is what leads to greater innovation and growth.

3) When conflict arises, instead of taking a position opposite the other party, learn to ask collaborative questions like, "How can we do this better?" 

4) Oftentimes, when you get centered, your internal conflicts go away.

5) Be the screwdriver and the screw, vs the hammer and the nail.

Favorite Quotes

"If we don't have conflict, we're probably not living."

"The difference between a spiral and a circle is that a spiral has intention. Where are you going?"

Karen Valencic Bio

As an author, speaker, black belt and engineer, Karen Valencic’s passion is revealing the keys of conflict to leaders so they can fast-track innovation and enhance performance.

Karen knows the best ideas in business all too often are lost in the maze of poorly handled disagreements. Therefore, the ability to innovate with conflict is an essential skill for leading edge businesses and people!

Spiral Impact, Karen’s unique method, combines physics with martial art concepts for an eye opening take on the way we engage with each other and with life circumstances.

She has consulted, trained and coached inside organizations for 20+ years, focusing on propelling leaders and their teams ahead of the curve in performance and innovation. Karen also speaks at conferences providing high impact, entertaining programs with practical tools attendees can take away and implement immediately.

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