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From freeing women and children from the sex trafficking industry, to transforming the way we do business and interact with others, these leaders of transformation will inspire and equip you to be the difference maker and world changer you were born to be.

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Oct 24, 2017

Lucie Woods is a master coach and holistic life processor. Over the past 12 years she has worked with high performing business leaders and entrepreneurs empowering them to create massive results and live their best life.

In today’s interview, Lucie shares her own journey of personal development and how she discovered the secret to mastering your life – how to break through the internal barriers holding you back from fully accessing your potential. How do you clear trapped energy, release yourself from the grips of trauma and shock, and thrive in the green zone of life? Listen in to our chat with Lucie Woods and find out now.

Key Takeaways

1) When you try to control, things don’t flow.

2) Breakthroughs come from addressing the root cause.

3) Erase the triggers, don’t just de-access them.

4) Find the happiness inside you, and the success will come.

5) Become aware of your thoughts and the physical manifestations of your thoughts.

6) If your physical health is out of balance, it will affect your mental, emotional and spiritual health.

7) Fear arises from focusing on the future or the past. In the NOW there is no fear.

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Lucie Woods Bio

Lucie Woods is a holistic life processor and master coach with an impressive background of dedicated studies. Once she felt her calling there was no stopping her. It all began with learning English as a second language to her native French. After leaving Quebec, Lucie immersed herself in realizing her goals and eventually became a business partner of Blair Singer, global entrepreneur, bestselling author and Rich Dad Advisor™. Today Lucie Woods specializes in helping business leaders tap into their full potential.

Her authentic and transparent approach is seasoned with compassion and intuition. Lucie “walks the talk” and has gone through a massive transformation herself. With her personal experience fueling her passion, she is able to help individuals to free themselves from limitations while finding a state of clarity, awareness, and harmony to discover their true core so that they can manifest real changes.

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