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Oct 30, 2017

How do you generate high quality leads and high ticket enrollments while making a greater impact in the world? Client enrollment specialist, Benjamin Tyler, has discovered the magic of using Facebook to share your unique story and attract high quality clients for your coaching, speaking and training services.

In our interview, Benjamin shares his simple yet powerful strategy that any seasoned business owner or startup entrepreneur can implement. Learn how to grow your business using Facebook posts, Facebook ads, Facebook Messenger and Facebook groups. It begins with creating the right story to attract the right people, and is followed by engaging people in a quality conversation and delivering massive value to your clients.

Benjamin gives us the principles for doing this efficiently and effectively. He also explains the psychology behind pricing your service or product, and why you may want to increase your rates to attract the right clients who want what you have to offer.

Tune in now to learn how to save yourself valuable time and energy as you exponentially grow your business and your impact in the world.

Key Takeaways

1) Price your product so people are committed to implementing what you’re recommending.

2) Sometimes you have to price people out.

3) Intimacy now is the new authority.

4) Today only 3% of your Facebook audience will see your posts. 80% of your posts should be text, 20% should be video.  

5) Facebook is not just about making a bunch of posts; it’s about having a bunch of conversations.

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Benjamin Tyler Bio

Benjamin Tyler is Founder of Client Enrollment Academy.  He shows coaches, consultants and service-based businesses how to attract high quality leads and high-ticket enrollment using Facebook.   

Battling substance abuse issues with alcohol, drugs and gambling, he was able to break free by getting support through personal coaching. It is now his mission to help others monetize their gifts and expertise so they can create impact on others and freedom in their own lives.

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