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Nov 7, 2017

Angelica Singh is a Mind-Body educator whose life experience, training and work infuse all that she does. Her work has been featured in O, The Oprah Magazine and she has been a frequent guest on the Dare to Dream Radio Talk Show, as well as the James Van Praagh Show, and The Autoimmune Hour.

She works with entrepreneurs and people who have experienced trauma, and people who want to empower themselves through their own experience. She also empowers healers and teachers in incorporating her Embodied Process into their practice.

In today’s interview, Angelica Singh explains her process of embodied transformation, the impact of dis-regulation and disconnection on our capacity to learn, thrive, and manage innovation. Practical and refreshing, she also leads us through a brief example of her embodied meditation that you can apply right away to begin increasing your capacity and your potential for success in your business, health, and relationships.

Key Takeaways

1) Dis-regulation – what it is and how it impacts us.

2) The window of tolerance for stress and learning integration shrinks, the more trauma we experience. It really does change our capacity for possibility and what we perceive.

3) Trauma affects everybody – causing limitations in our consciousness that could have occurred from an actual physical experience or an emotional trauma.

4) Learn how to slow down using an embodiment meditation (guided sample included).

5) Since our life experience is relational, we can be triggered when engaged in group exercises such as yoga, even though intentions are sincerely for our best interests. If that occurs, notice the trigger and take a few minutes to ground yourself and regulate your mind, body and spirit.

Free Resources

The Embodiment Process Guided Meditation

Angelica Singh Bio

Angelica Singh is a Mind-Body educator whose life experience, training and work infuse all that she does. She facilitates individuals and groups utilizing biodynamic craniosacral therapy, trauma resolution, medical intuition, and depth consciousness work, and trains other healers, to affect the desired change in consciousness and healing.  

Angelica’s life-changing healing crisis began at the age of 28, which led to a deep understanding of energy systems and trauma. What followed in the coming years was a process of drawing on and integrating an experience in deconstruction and birthing of herself and her own gifts, through which she conceived a holistic, transformative approach to healing: The Embodiment Process. This process awakens a person's connection to themselves -- their gifts, true purpose and passion -- with the courage to follow their unique path. 

Angelica shares her thoughts on why our world needs more people who offer humanistic healing married with a creative, visionary approach to the world's problems and opportunities -- innovative leaders who bring a holistic approach to their business, taking into account the global, social, environmental and relational impact of all they do.

Angelica Singh's work has been featured in O, The Oprah Magazine and she has been a frequent guest on the Dare to Dream Radio Talk Show, as well the James Van Praagh Show, and on The Autoimmune Hour. Angelica’s work has been sourced for featured interviews in MindBodyGreen Magazine, OMTimes and The Whole Life Times

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