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Dec 5, 2017

Coaches, consultants, speakers and online entrepreneurs, this episode is for you!

As an attorney and legal coach, Heather Pearce Campbell is The Legal Website Warrior. She is fiercely committed to protecting world-changing entrepreneurs and small businesses. She advises her clients on a variety of issues that confront modern businesses, including cybersecurity and protecting their online content, services and intellectual property, implementing proper contracts to protect their work and relationships with clients, and asset and risk management. 

Discover the real reason you want to have a proper business structure in place, why you want to avoid using sample templates for your contracts and agreements, and the importance of effective licensing language to protect yourself and your content.

Do you want to be able to work from anywhere? Heather also shares how she set up her business for freedom, so that she could, by choice, work from home once her children were born.

She is a lifelong entrepreneur, a mom to a 5-year old tornado and a newborn, and wife to a biochemist. In her words, she hoards information, paper, and books while secretly dreaming of becoming a minimalist, and relishes an occasional rare night with her hubby when the kiddos are miraculously asleep and she can soak up HGTV without guilt. 

Key Takeaways

1) If you don’t treat your business like a business, nobody else will.

2) The types of legal protection which are necessary for online business owners.

3) How to protect your personal assets from claims and lawsuits.

4) Where written agreements are required, in order to define the terms and conditions of value exchange, and protect your content and rights as the service provider.  

5) The biggest dangers of using sample templates, and other not having proper legal protection in place.

6) Online courses and programs – what to include in the terms and conditions.

7) Group coaching agreements vs individual coaching agreements.

Free Resources

#1 – INTERACTIVE TOOLS: What legal protections do you need in your business? If you are an information entrepreneur (coach / consultant / online educator / speaker / author), or a business that publishes online content, digital products or programs, there are some essential legal protections you need in your business. Get access to this interactive online tool to help you figure out what applies to your unique business.

#2 - IP BASICS: Intellectual Property Basics for the Modern Entrepreneur. Have you ever wondered how intellectual property applies to your business? What is it and how do you protect it?

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