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Mar 6, 2018

How do you simplify a complex message and create meaningful connections with your audience?

Teresa Easler has more than 30 years of experience as a marketing and management strategist and corporate coach. Her company, Connect to the Core, breaks down the barriers between communications and sales.

Teresa has worked with business leaders, entrepreneurs and companies to grow sales and create new systems and processes; specifically in the area of financial services, technology, and pharmaceuticals, where people have very complex messages to communicate. Their message has a high level of sophistication that is not easy to explain and they’re feeling the pressures of commoditization. This is where Teresa and her team thrives the most.

A graduate of the University of Colorado with a degree in International Relations and Economics, Teresa Easler also holds an MBA from the Thunderbird Graduate School of Management. Her specialty is in sales and investor pitches, RPF presentations, seminars, and speeches.

In today’s conversation with Teresa, we explore the elements of powerful connections, what fueled her interest in communication, the historical development of how we interact with people, and where that leaves us today.  

Whether you are preparing for an investor pitch in front of a large audience or a 1:1 conversation with a client or colleague, Teresa will give you tools to connect to the core, leaving your audience fully engaged and wanting more.

Key Takeaways

1) Throughout history, technology has changed, but what hasn’t changed is our ability to tap into our humanity – that is our differentiator.

2) The more connected we are with technology the less connected we are with each other. Communication gets replaced with data exchange and we miss out on meaningful connections.

3) 2 questions people are asking themselves all the time: What’s in it for me? Why do I care? You have to make the translation for them. It forces you to get out of your universe and get into their universe.

4) The biggest mistake presenters make is that they don’t prepare for the 1:1 meetings like they do for big presentations. And those 1:1 meetings are often the true make or break opportunities.

5) The Power To Connect eight-step process is a strategy plan for your communication. Sample questions include: What you intend to happen? Who are you communicating with? What’s relevant to them? What motivates them? What issues are important? Think strategically – what do you want them to remember? What emotional environment are you creating? What do you want them to do? What do you appreciate about them? What obstacles might get in the way? What value will you provide for them, and who do you need to be?

6) When making an ‘ask’, make sure it is time sensitive – in 2 weeks or less.  Who does what by when? Thinking doesn’t happen in the real world. What can you have them DO that allows them to take action? Don’t just wait for the big ‘yes’ – create small steps that move things forward.

7) Keep it simple. Don’t give them too much information. Find the most important thread that holds everything together. That’s the piece that becomes most meaningful. Remember – what’s in it for them and why do they care about this?

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