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Jan 30, 2018

MJ DeMarco is a breath of fresh entrepreneurial air. He is the author of the international bestselling book The Millionaire Fastlane and founder and administrator of – a worldwide discussion forum dedicated to the advancement of Fastlane Entrepreneurship and the philosophy behind it.

With over 130,000 visitors a month, The Fastlane Forum is one of the web's leading destinations for startup entrepreneur discussions simply because of what it stands for— and what it doesn't.

In our conversation with MJ DeMarco today, we explore leveraged entrepreneurship – what is a Fastlane Entrepreneur and what type of vehicle is needed to ride the Fastlane? How do you create true and lasting wealth in less than 5 years, while mainstream ‘experts’ suggest it takes 50-60 years? 

A straight-shooter, MJ shares his own journey as a successful serial entrepreneur and how he discovered the Fastlane for himself. In doing so, he dispels widely-held myths about compounding interest, the pathway to wealth, the importance of following your passion, and how time fits into the wealth creation equation.

Learn how to attach yourself to the right equation for success – one that will lead to time and money freedom while you’re still young enough to enjoy it. Tune in now and allow MJ to show you the onramp to the Fastlane.

Key Takeaways

1) The best wealth creator is Fastlane entrepreneurship.

2) Compounding interest is NOT the most powerful thing in the universe. The way mainstream teaches it is a scam. It’s not taking into account certain factors.

3) In order to create wealth, you must attach yourself to an equation. Leveraged entrepreneurship uses an equation with unlimited metrics.

4) Working hard is a great asset to have, as long as that effort is pointed towards something that has scalable metrics, following the Five Fastlane Commandments.

5) The market is very selfish. You need to be unselfish – to polarize and attract. 

6) How do you know if you can afford something? When you don’t have to think about it. If you have to think about it, you can’t afford it.

7) 50% of happiness is tied up in autonomy. When autonomy is lacking, happiness will be lacking as well.

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