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Feb 20, 2018

Dr. Robert A. Rohm is a world-class communicator and keynote speaker who has profoundly impacted the lives of millions through his presentations designed to raise people’s awareness and appreciation of differing perspectives.

Since earning his Ph.D. at the University of North Texas in Higher Education Administration and Counseling, Dr. Rohm has conducted seminars and training for audiences as large as 80,000 people. He has shared the platform with other great speakers like Zig Ziglar, Les Brown, President George Bush, Rush Limbaugh, Charlie “Tremendous” Jones, Peter Lowe and Lou Holtz; as well as celebrities including Joe Theisman, Johnny Cash, Tricia Yearwood, Glen Campbell, Howie Mandel, Miss America Heather Whitestone and Dionne Warwick.

He is known as the most “invited back” speaker, because his message applies so well for business as well as for personal use. He is a best-selling author who has written or co-written over twenty books. Dr. Rohm has conducted workshops and seminars on human relations and behavior for numerous schools, churches, businesses and international companies.

Arizona Diamondbacks

In 1996, Dr. Rohm was hired by the Arizona Diamondbacks professional baseball team to help draft potential players by personality style. In his initial meeting with Joe Garagiola, Jr., the General Manager for the Diamondback organization, Dr. Rohm told him, “I only have one request. When the Diamondbacks win the World Series, I want a World Series ring.” Joe Garagiola laughed and said, “When we win the World Series, you will get your ring!”

Well, guess what? In 2001, the Diamondbacks won the World Series, and they won it faster than any other team in baseball history. True to their word, the Diamondback organization sent Dr. Rohm a World Series ring, with the inscription “Fastest Ever”.  

In our conversation with Dr. Rohm, he unpacks the DISC Model of Human Behavior, explaining the 4 primary personality types, and how to apply this information in building better relationships and more effective teams. Entertaining and insightful, Dr. Rohm describes how different personalities communicate and respond to situations, strengths and blind spots, and common career preferences for each.

Want to connect better with your clients, co-workers, friends and family members? Tune in now and let Dr. Rohm teach you how to solve the people puzzle!

Key Takeaways

1) People primarily don’t do things against you; they primarily do things for themselves.

2) Understanding the personalities of different people is kind of like learning to speak another language.

3) What is the DISC Model of Human Behavior. Strengths and blind spots of each style: Dominant – Inspiring – Supportive – Cautious

4) If you don’t know what your problem is, that’s your biggest problem of all.

5) School can be a dangerous place for a Dominant or Inspiring type.

6) On blind spots: You can’t Beware of something until you’re first Aware.

7) Build relationships with people according to the way they are wired and you reduce stress, increase productivity and you have a longer, more healthy and fulfilling life.

Additional Resources

Online Personality Profiles Assessment (enter code discovertheedge for 10% off)

Various versions available including a Leadership Report, Children’s version (ages 4-12) and Teen version (ages 13-19).

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