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Feb 27, 2018

Have you ever looked at your website and thought, “This could be so much better, but how do I get it there?” If so, then you’ll enjoy this week’s conversation with Betsy Kent. As a marketer for over 14 years, Betsy understands that when a website doesn’t connect, it is because the business is not completely clear on who is their ideal customer. This lack of clarity shows up everywhere in marketing.

A graduate of art history and anthropology, Betsy discovered her love for advertising by watching her father market his business. She fondly shares with us a childhood story of instant pants, and how her father created curiosity and demand from his ideal clients.  She goes on to share how she got into advertising sales, which lead her into the New York world of advertising design.

Today, Betsy Kent runs her own marketing company, Be Visible, from the comfort of her Kentucky home, helping small business owners connect with more of their ideal clients. Listen in as Betsy unpacks her ideal client profiling process, how to tailor your marketing language to connect more effectively with your ideal clients, where people are wasting the most time and money right now in terms of marketing, and what questions to ask when considering hiring a website designer.

Key Takeaways

1) Three reasons why it’s hard to identify your ideal client profile on your own:

  • Fear of specializing – missing out on opportunities
  • Being too close to your business to make an impartial decision
  • Assuming that your ideal client is just like you

2) Pick clients that you would like to clone – they saw value in your product immediately, were willing to pay your full rate, and refer people to you. You may not have one client who has done all of the above, so create a prototype.

3) When considering their age, don’t go beyond a 15-year span.

4) Shift your perception to ensure you are identifying your real client (the decision maker).

5) Give that person a name, find a photo of someone who looks like that person, and tape it to your office wall so every time you write an email, blog, or web content, pretend you’re talking to that specific person. It’ll be much easier and more effective.

6) Look for exact words and phrases your clients’ use, and what you say to your current ideal clients.

7) When considering hiring a website designer:

  • Ask to see some of the sites they have done recently
  • Call those companies and ask how was their experience
  • Ask what platform they use – preferably it is Wordpress
  • Ask if they include tutorials to show you how to make changes on your own after your site is completed
  • Inquire about their ongoing services – do they offer support/updates after your website is done
  • Make sure you own your domain name and have the login information to access the back-end of your site.

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