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Jun 18, 2018

Elizabeth McCourt is a certified leadership coach, speaker and writer committed to helping people embrace their whole self and become the authentic leader they are capable of being.

Prior to forming McCourt Leadership Group, Elizabeth was a top ranked executive recruiter in financial services for 16 years, working with Wells Fargo, UBS and Ameriprise, among other clients. Since 2013, she’s been invited to the prestigious Recruiter’s Roundtable with On Wall Street magazine.

Her former career was as a trial lawyer where she worked on the plaintiff’s side for product liability and class actions in both federal and state court, including with the New Orleans Castano Group on the class action Tobacco litigation.

Since 2014, she has presented a case study at the yearly ESMT Coaching Colloquia at ESMT Business School in Berlin, Germany. In 2015, she presented a poster case study at Harvard University’s Institute of Coaching.  She’s been published in the Philosophy of Coaching: An International Journal, where she is also on the Editorial Board. Elizabeth speaks at a variety conferences and events including The Most Powerful Women’s LEAD Banking, Women’s Financial Advisor Forum, The Quorum Initiative Leadership Conference, NonprofitPRO conference, the US Army Recruiting Battalion, Smith in the City, and also gave a TEDx talk entitled, “Why You Should Spill Your Secrets.” 

For fun she is an avid triathlete, longtime yogi and writes and publishes essays and fiction. In March, 2018, she published her first novel, Sin in the Big Easy, by Post Hill Press.

In our conversation today, Elizabeth demonstrates qualities of an authentic leader, using stories of her own experience in the corporate world as well as personally. She describes distinctions in leadership, cultural issues, resilience, and how to bring your whole person into the role of leader. She further emphasizes the importance of empathy as a leader, both to others and yourself, while understanding the deeper motivations and values that drive performance.

Whether you are an aspiring leader or desire to improve your effectiveness in your current leadership role, Elizabeth will provide valuable insight and practical tips for being an authentic leader who causes positive transformation within teams.

Key Takeaways

  1. Sometimes you have to ask the question (as a coach) that’s going to get you fired.
  2. Find leaders and mentors that you want to emulate and then develop your own style as you learn from them.
  3. If you really want to be an impactful and engaged leader you’ve got to use all of your experience – your whole self.
  4. Empathy is essential as a leader.
  5. What you learn from failure can be more valuable than what you learn from success.
  6. Use comparison as inspiration but not as a ‘not good enough’ mode.
  7. As a coach you don’t necessarily need to pull people out of the darkness right away. Have the courage to stand there with them in the darkness. Sometimes we need to stand in the darkness to be able to appreciate the light.

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