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Sep 27, 2018

Jonathan Rivera (JR) is a former blue collar worker turned real estate investor and Big Money podcaster. JR left his job as an electrician to chase riches in real estate. He made a lot of money, lost it all, and had to rebuild his entire life from the ground up.

In our conversation with JR, he shares how he got involved in podcasting in 2009, somewhat by accident and went on to produce over 1900 shows with more than 2.2 million downloads. His focus has always been having a business that supports his lifestyle and both he and wife work together in growing The Podcast Factory, which helps experts increase their visibility and expand their impact through podcasting. JR highlights his knowledge of podcasting along with his love for his family and his clients. He speaks honestly about who podcasting will benefit and what steps to take before you launch your own show. He also touches on where he anticipates the podcasting world is moving, and how you can position yourself effectively as a profitable podcast host.

Whether you already have your own show or are an expert in your field who is wondering how to reach more of your ideal clients, this casual chat with JR will provide you with valuable insights to make the most of your passion and expertise.

Key Takeaways

  1. Make it a lifelong pursuit to learn, grow and take action in following your personal legend.  
  2. Most podcast hosts don’t pay attention to their direct response conversion numbers.
  3. Know your strategy going into a podcast interview – what does your ideal client need to know to take action with you, and what do you want the listeners to do?
  4. You have no business podcasting unless you first have a business that generates income and you know who buys from you.
  5. Use your podcast to take people who have been on the fence - to fire them up and convert them to clients.
  6. Now that you have an asset, what is every possible way that you can reach those perfect clients?
  7. With more big companies coming into the podcasting space, we will see an increase in production value both in development of story and soundscapes.


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