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Nov 12, 2018

How do you create greater job satisfaction and when is it time to move on? Gorett Reis is a certified Career and Life Coach and Speaker. She works with professionals who are looking to advance their careers or find direction. She became a coach after a dissatisfying career in teaching and now helps others find a more fulfilling job experience. She has three degrees from the University of Toronto and speaks about career and life fulfillment through talks, Lunch and Learns, webinars, and podcasts.

85% of people are dissatisfied in their job. In today’s conversation with Gorett, we explore the barriers to job satisfaction and the steps to take when you’re ready to make a change. Gorett explains how it may not be your job that is creating the dissatisfaction – there are many other factors to consider. We also discuss how someone who feels undervalued in their current job can change that perception in the eyes of their boss, and we address the importance of taking responsibility for your career choices to create what you truly want. We end with Gorett offering some valuable insider tips for job seekers along with an invitation to chat with her further. 

Key Takeaways

  1. The first step to finding greater satisfaction in your career is to take some personal time and/or meet with a coach/mentor to gain perspective. Is it your job that needs to change or is something else going on?
  2. Get clear on what is unfulfilling or dissatisfying about your job before you leave.
  3. When addressing the issue of your compensation with your supervisor, use “I’m feeling” vs “You are…” to avoid putting them on the defensive.
  4. Perfectionism often gets in the way of dissatisfaction. Nothing is ever good enough.
  5. If you are burned out or experiencing health issues, that can contribute to your job dissatisfaction.
  6. If you tend to put other people’s needs in front of your own, you may experience dissatisfaction in your job.
  7. Don’t submit your resume as a PDF – automated recruitment search programs cannot read them.


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