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Dec 3, 2018

Why do so many companies find themselves in a financial mess and what can done about it?

As a CPA, Alex Vorobieff spent years cleaning up the financial messes of companies. He quickly began to see that the problems that drained into the “accounting sewer” were merely symptoms of a larger dysfunction within the company. But what was the root cause? In his book, Transform Your Company, Vorobieff distills the lessons he has learned during his two decades coaching and consulting with frustrated business owners, bringing clarity to chaos for companies such as aerospace manufacturers, hospitality companies, healthcare providers, real estate developers, clothing retailers, and food product innovators, among others.

In today’s conversation, Alex shares insights for business owners in terms of how to clean up their accounting messes, and more importantly, the strategies to put in place so you can avoid them showing up at all. We explore the cost of inconsistency and poor systems, where to start, why business tools don’t work in certain companies, and how to find your real starting line as a leader so you can transform your company…and your results. 

Key Takeaways

  1. Accounting has to go through every financial decision made every month. If there’s no consistency, there is chaos.
  2. Realize the cost of your time. If you waste a year doing something that’s not productive, what is the cost to you?
  3. When you know who your core customer is, it’s easier to figure out how much to spend on marketing.
  4. All business improvement tools assume that the leader has a great relationship with feedback. But that’s not the reality.
  5. If you don’t have a good relationship with feedback, don’t waste your money on more business improvement tools.
  6. We are wired to ignore feedback that doesn’t match our view of the world.
  7. Ask questions vs make statements.
  8. Figure it out before they (your best people) walk out.


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