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Mar 6, 2019

Jeffrey S. Ton is a sought-after Information Technology speaker, author and thought leader, having led powerful teams and built successful IT departments for the past 30+ years. For over a decade, Jeff has served as Chief Information Officer with Goodwill Industries of Central Indiana and Lauth Property Group, as well as 14 years in various technology roles with Thomson Multimedia (RCA).

In his current role as Senior Vice President of Product and Strategic Alliances at InterVision, Jeff thrives on developing people while driving the company’s product strategy, service vision and strategic approach. Speaking to audiences from 5 to 1,000, Jeff has mastered the art of simplifying complex IT issues and is always looking for opportunities to drive value in organizations now and in the future.

Jeff is the author of Amplify Your Value and is a frequent keynote speaker on topics related to the evolving IT landscape and the changing role of the CIO.

In today’s conversation, Jeff Ton explains how the role of the CIO has evolved and why it’s necessary to build strategic partnerships with your IT vendors. He also describes several examples of traditionally non-tech industries that are being transformed through innovative technology and foresight. Don’t be left behind! Listen in and discover how you can drive differentiation in your industry using strategic planning and technology.

Key Takeaways  

  1. The CIO is being called among to be more of a business leader and less of a technologist.
  2. Trust, transparency, and respect are required in building strategic partnerships with vendors.  
  3. Invite key vendors to participate in your strategic planning sessions.
  4. The CIO is responsible for building an ecosystem of vendor partners to support the company’s success.
  5. Every company is now a tech-enabled company.
  6. Where is the disruption coming in your industry? Where do you need to be looking?


Amplify Your Value: Leading IT With Strategic Vision

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