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Leaders Of Transformation

Want to grow your business? Make a greater impact in the world? Become a leader in your industry?

Every week our host Nicole Jansen interviews business leaders and difference makers who are transforming the world with their strengths, passion and expertise. Tune in weekly to hear inspiring stories of transformation, overcoming obstacles, and global impact.

From freeing women and children from the sex trafficking industry, to transforming the way we do business and interact with others, these leaders of transformation will inspire and equip you to be the difference maker and world changer you were born to be.

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Jun 12, 2019

Isabelle Mercier-Turcotte is a brand builder and momentum generator. Her passion is to help entrepreneurs raise the bar and create massive value to build and deliver outstanding experiences.

Isabelle’s first business venture in her early 20s quickly escalated to become one of Canada’s most awarded branding and creative firms; earning her prestigious international design awards and national entrepreneur of the year. Isabelle is a true pioneer in branding, and throughout her career has had the opportunity to work with hundreds of solopreneurs and small business owners, as well as some influential brands such as A&W, Robeez Footwear, Earls Restaurants, IMAX Corporation, and HSBC Investments.

With over two decades of hands-on experience in branding and business growth, she is one of North America’s Top Small Business Influencers. She’s also a TEDx Speaker and one of the bestselling authors of the business and marketing book titled, The Next Big Thing: Top Trends From Today’s Leading Experts to Help You Dominate the New Economy. Isabelle’s sole purpose as a brand builder and business performance catalyst is to empower change and growth.

In today’s conversation, we discuss the keys to building your brand from the inside out, how to differentiate yourself in the marketplace, be clear and confident about your positioning and message, and deliver massive value to your customers. Isabelle shares valuable lessons she learned as an award-winning brand builder who continues to raise the bar in her own life and business. If you are ready to step up and stand out, Isabelle will teach you how to do that and so much more!  

Key Takeaways

  1. Ask yourself, “What makes me the first, best or the only?”
  2. In order to differentiate yourself, look at how the market is maturing and where the trends are leading.
  3. Your mission is how you leave people feeling, and it consists of only one or two words.
  4. Your brand promise needs to match what your ideal client is exactly looking for.
  5. If you can’t say no to what you don’t want, you’ll never have time or energy for what you do want.
  6. Successful people are able to decipher between vital few and trivial many.
  7. You can drive on three highways, just not all at once.
  8. Treat yourself like you would a million dollar client.


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