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Aug 5, 2019

A Utah-based entrepreneur and community leader, Rob Eastman combines his passion for transformational change and willingness to take risk with his organized approach to solving problems and his ability to activate people to create superior results.

His life experience helps him cover a wide range of issues we are currently facing in our schools and communities. Through his addiction recovery Rob is able to use his failures as an amazing guide for change for parents, youth and the community at large. He addresses tough issues related to religion, addiction, bullying, suicide, and politics – topics most people avoid talking about.

Rob currently hosts the “Stand And Fight Podcast” and runs his lifestyle gym in Centerville Utah, where he also leads his non-profit 501c3, the Eastman Family Recovery Foundation.  

In today’s conversation with us, Rob shares his struggle with addiction and the journey leading up to his 10-year anniversary being clean and sober. We discuss some of the biggest issues that young people are facing today, and how he is helping them discover their identity and place in the world. Life isn’t easy. Rob equips kids and families with the life skills necessary to stand and fight for their life, because it’s worth it.

Key Takeaways

  1. Through fitness, we can teach people how to do hard things in a safe environment.
  2. Spirituality and religion are not the same thing.
  3. Your secrets keep you sick.
  4. We have no right to judge anyone because everyone is dealing with something.
  5. Forget what other people want for you. Discover what YOU want for you and go do that.
  6. When you’re in the middle of the pain, you need to understand what your body and your spirit is telling you.
  7. Learn to fill your own cup.
  8. Kids try so hard to fit in; they spend more time being an actor than they do understanding themselves.
  9. A lot of parents find it easier to be a friend to their children rather than setting rules and keeping boundaries.


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