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Jan 13, 2020

Udo Erasmus has impacted over 5 million lives with his message on how to achieve perfect health and harmony with each other.

As founder of Udo’s Choice, he invented the machinery for making oils, enyzmes, probiotics and more. Udo first pioneered Flax Seed Oil and has sold and distributed 25 million bottles of his product line in 50+ countries. He’s also sold over 250,000 copies of his books, including Fats That Heal Fats That Kill. He has delivered 5,000+ live presentations in 40+ countries and given 3,000 media interviews.    

As an acclaimed author, speaker and expert on Total Sexy Health, Udo developed an 8 step process that takes into consideration all of the elements of whole health, including our mental health, presence and awareness, our life energy and being in harmony with nature and humanity. 

Udo is a teacher at Tony Robbins events (on oils) and Deepak Chopra's events (on peace), and has keynoted an international Brain Health conference, and lectured at conferences on five continents. Udo has an extensive education in Biochemistry, Genetics and Biology and Nutrition as well as a Masters Degree in Counseling Psychology.

In his conversation with us, Udo shares why total sexy health is necessary for us individually as well as a society and what inspired him to dedicate his life to the search for answers to life’s deepest questions.  

He explains how he launched the movement around healthy fats, and why starting a movement itself should never be the goal. We explore fascinating health facts, the essence of life energy, awareness and peace, how to heal your heartache and discontentment, and what it will take for humanity to live in perfect health and harmony.

Key Takeaways

  1. My health is my responsibility and if I don’t pay attention by what I eat and drink and how I breathe, then life can’t do the job it was meant to do.
  2. Our cooking oils are treated with harmful chemicals, and then bleached and deodorized. We end up with oil that is odorless, tasteless and colorless, which we put in plastic which leeches into the oil quicker than into water. The result is that .5 to 1% of the molecules are damaged and changed to something unnatural that life never made a program to break down.
  3. In a tablespoon of oil that is 1% damaged by the way industry processes it, you get 60 quintillion damaged molecules - more than a million damaged molecules for every one of your body’s 60 trillion cells.
  4. Light, oxygen and heat damage oils very rapidly. They are our most sensitive molecules and we give them the least care, doing even more damage to the oils when we heat them in a frying pan.
  5. Damaged oils cause more health problems than any other part of nutrition. Making the change to good oils or to the seeds that contain them will give you more benefits than any other part of nutrition.
  6. 99% of the population does not get enough Omega 3 for optimum health.
  7. There must be a way that human beings can live in harmony together, because it is harmony within us that is being one with the energy that created us.
  8. If we take our awareness from out there where it’s always wandering around looking at this or that, and take it out of our brains where we collect all that information, and bring it deeper into the core of our being, we will experience peace that is unshakeable.
  9. Peace is actually everywhere but only peace can see it. So if you can’t see peace, it’s because the peace in you is not looking.
  10. Discontentment comes from a disconnection from the core of our being. That disconnect happens right after we’re born. We go from being present inside and absent outside, to being present outside and absent inside.
  11. Our mind is a substitute reality – it’s not real, it’s just a representation of reality, not reality itself.
  12. When we are discontent or when there is an ache in our heart – that is a call to come home; to be present within. It’s a trigger from the loss of yourself that happened a long time ago.
  13. When we come home, we feel whole. When we feel whole, we don’t steal other people’s stuff. When we don’t steal other people’s stuff, we can live in harmony together. We can also ensure that everyone’s needs are met on a long-term sustainable basis.
  14. Wholeness is a biological experience. It’s an experience of the life force (God, source energy). When you’re in touch with that, you feel whole, because you’re built that way.
  15. We are subject to what’s going on externally but we are masters of what’s going on internally, should we choose to take on that challenge. And it’s a challenge because our senses will constantly what to draw us to focus outwards, and we have to deliberately decide to connect at the core of our being.
  16. Starting a movement is not a smart goal. A movement comes out of a different state of being. You’re missing the point if you’re doing a peace movement. You’ll be thinking, how can I do this, manipulate that, and then you’re immediately in a place of no peace.
  17. If you want to be a peacemaker, peace has got to be your state of being. Then you may help others along their way of finding peace, but you can’t make anybody go there.
  18. Whatever state of being that you’re living in, that’s the kind of movement you’re creating.
  19. Sexy has more to do with presence, spirituality, and upliftedness, than it has with genitals. Sexy is energetic.
  20. Our disconnection from ourselves and our discontentment that comes from that, are the driving force behind all the damage done in our environment, social relationships, political lives, health issues, etc. Everything that’s not working comes from us not working, and that comes from us not being present.
  21. Awareness, energy and inspiration – the 3 core elements of total sexy health are the ones we are most ignorant about. Even though they have much more power than the physical things we pay attention to.
  22. In studying biology – the study of life – the only thing we didn’t study was life. Rather, we studied form.
  23. In studying psychology – the study of soul – the only thing we didn’t study was soul. Rather, we studied the mind.
  24. In studying health – we studied disease not health. It’s called health care but it’s really disease management.
  25. In studying religion, you get all kinds of interpretations rather than the actual experience. You can memorize scriptures and they’ll still just be in your head, but what was the experience that the master had? There is an experience to be had, otherwise it’s just a head-trip. A lot of what we claim is religious are just head-trips, and between those head-trips we do a lot of really atrocious, life-hostile things.
  26. Most of what we fight are ideas – ideas that we picked up from other people, so they aren’t even our own ideas.
  27. When your heart aches, you’re already out of your head. That’s 99% of the challenge. So sit with the ache. Take time to just be. Doing takes us away from being.
  28. Take time to be with the emptiness of your heart. Your heart is actually full. You feel empty because you’re not in it.
  29. Google gets you everything except yourself.
  30. The message of the Master: “I am come not to judge but to love.” If all people on earth would live by that, it would be heaven on earth.

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