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Mar 9, 2020

How does cleaning up our beaches impact our inner and outer world?  

Ulrich Floresca is a massage therapist and former dentist who, since his 48th birthday has been living an entirely new way of life; a life of Zero Debris. When he turned 48, Ulrich chose to improve himself and the world by taking on 48 Acts of Love and Kindness, which quickly turned into a monthly international beach cleanup.

Ulrich is looking to collaborate with people around the globe to make a profound difference for Mother Earth, and to help fulfill his utopian vision. His non-profit organization currently spans 4 countries and is growing rapidly. He aims to expand Zer0 Debris so that each country and each world citizen can enjoy the benefits of having a clean internal and external environment. Ulrich is also the author of the book, Zer0 Debris.  

What We Discuss With Ulrich Floresca in This Episode

  • Why he started Zer0 Debris beach cleanup
  • How his philosophy of zero debris applies to our inner world
  • What he has learned from launching a non-profit that is now in 4 countries
  • How to garner support for your passion project
  • What to expect when starting a nonprofit

Episode Show Notes and Transcript Highlights

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Zer0 Debris: A Way Of Life (book)

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