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Jun 29, 2020

“Passion and conviction create change.” This belief is evident throughout Naysa Mishler's 15 years of leadership at large tech companies and it is now driving the mission of Everest Effect, a disaster relief tech marketplace she co-founded to connect people in need with donors and brands who want to help.

Before launching Everest Effect, Naysa was the SVP of Global Brand and Product Marketing at Citi FinTech, where she led new product launches, including the world's first FinTech beta testing community. Her career also includes marketing and business development roles at LinkedIn, Citi’s Women & Co., and WeWork.

Naysa is a member of Founder’s Pledge and a past board member of Step Up. She is proud to live in the vibrant community of Jersey City with her husband, son, and dog, Hudson.

What We Discuss With Naysa Mishler In This Episode

  • Why the Everest Effect was created
  • How the marketplace model works
  • Adding a level of privacy and personalization
  • How they’re supporting people in times of crisis
  • What corporations are doing to create social impact
  • How do they verify users that request help on the platform

Transcript Highlights