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Jul 16, 2021

How can prioritizing your mission over sales impact your business success? Why is the health and wellness industry ripe for transformation?

Listen as our guest today shares the answers to these important questions and more. Tim O’Brien is founder of The Healthy Place (formerly Apple Wellness). He and his wife Becki started the company in 2010, with the goal to become the best vitamin and supplement store in the Wisconsin area. They wanted to provide customers with the highest quality products, but also with the education needed for customers to stride forward confidently on their journey to find wellness.

They now have four store locations and an online store, shipping across the U.S. The Healthy Place is rated 4.9 on TrustPilot (which is unusually high for a health store). But this is no surprise, since it’s the result of their commitment to providing top quality products and customer education.

In this episode, we discuss the inspiration behind the brand and the effect of bringing their faith into every area of their business. Tim emphasizes the importance of profit but is very clear that souls come before sales.

With that in mind, every brand they place on their shelves is screened for quality, their team members are invited to be part of a family atmosphere, and even their chat box online is available to answer any health related questions people may have, regardless of whether they intend to make a purchase or not.

Do the right thing and God will take care of the rest. And indeed He has. The Healthy Place is a bright-shining testimony of that.

What We Discuss with Tim O’Brien in This Episode

  • The why behind starting a health food store
  • Adopting the concept of souls before sales
  • Making decisions based on mission vs commission
  • Unlearning old habits and learned behavior
  • Weeding out the BS of the health supplement industry

Episode Show Notes: