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Jan 10, 2022

Larry Robertson is an award-winning author of three books on entrepreneurship, creativity, and leadership – the perfect combination for these uncertain times.

His first two books, A Deliberate Pause: Entrepreneurship and its Moment in Human Progress and The Language of Man: Learning to Speak Creativity were honored with a combined 18 distinct awards.

In this episode, we discuss his newest award-winning book Rebel Leadership: How to Thrive in Uncertain Times which released in June 2021.

What is rebel leadership, what drives innovation and adaptability, and how do you thrive when things are changing all around you? Listen now and find out!

Larry has written over 100 articles as a popular columnist for Inc. Magazine and The Creativity Post. He’s also a regular contributor to Fast Company, Thrive Global, SmartBrief, CEO World Magazine, and Productive Flourishing. His insightful “border-crossing” work has been incorporated into university curriculum and featured in media as diverse as the Chicago Tribune, AdAge, and MSNBC.

He is a Fulbright Scholar, the founder of Lighthouse Consulting, a graduate of Stanford University and Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management, and former faculty member of Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business.

What We Discuss With Larry Robertson in This Episode

  • What is rebel leadership
  • Rethinking how we view leadership
  • Leading ourselves and others through uncertain times
  • The practice of transformation, innovation and creativity
  • The distinction between soul and purpose
  • What is your power source and how do you draw on it
  • Creating actionable priorities for your team
  • The 5 habits of the mind
  • Navigating the new abnormal

Episode Show Notes: