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Dec 19, 2022

Where do you turn when you are feeling lost, broken or alone? Joshua Horgos grew up skating the streets of San Diego, CA. Public transportation and random house parties gave him a diverse outlook on life, and he often found himself as the life of the party. By the time he was 19 years old, drugs and alcohol had a firm grip on him, and he checked himself into a rehab center in North Hollywood. Although sobriety was short-lived, he was on a mission to become an extreme sports movie star and he chased this dream all the way to the Pacific Northwest.

Continued alcohol abuse and recreational drug use brought on three DUI's and some very intimate conversations with God. Josh finally started listening to the voice in his head telling him to write. What started as a journal entry idea, became the first poem of his book, Lightyear. The poem is called 'Stumbled Some', which he says he wrote in fifteen minutes. "The words just kinda spilled out onto the page."

Today, while still working his full-time job in the steel industry, Joshua Horgos is using his poetry, personal discoveries, and institutional education to help people understand why they do the things they do, so they can make better choices going forward. This is the main impetus for publishing Lightyear, which is a 31-day devotional comprised of poems, biblical scripture, and narrative from Josh based on his own experience.

In this episode, Josh shares his redemptive story from drugs and alcohol to a humble faith in God, and how he’s been able to turn his pain into poetry that heals the soul.

What We Discuss in this Episode

  • Getting to know Josh
  • Birthing his creative genius
  • The power of the spoken word
  • Reading the Bible with a new perspective
  • The presence of God in our lives
  • Finding hope and purpose
  • Why bad things happen to good people
  • Josh’s mission to reach the broken and hurting
  • A prayer for us all