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Jan 9, 2023

Is it possible to enjoy a balanced life in today’s fast-paced workplace?

Sal LaGreca and Michael J. Mannix testify that not only is it possible, it’s critical to living a life of happiness and impact. In their new book, 5 Ls: The Gift of a Balanced Life, Sal and Michael share as successful business leaders, how they learned to develop a healthy and sustainable work-life balance using the 5 Ls.

A #1 bestseller on Amazon and IgramSpark, 5 Ls: The Gift of a Balanced Life is proving to resonate with busy leaders and entrepreneurs, as well as anyone seeking to gain more satisfaction and productive fulfillment.

In this episode, we explore each of the 5 Ls, why they are important, how they work together, and how you can apply them in your own life and work.

Sal LaGreca brings nearly four decades of global experience to the conversation, which includes several years as partner in a global audit, tax and advisory firm and as vice chairman and a board member of a multi-billion-dollar marketing and communications company operating in over 130 countries.

In his own words, Sal has pretty much seen and experienced it all. The ups and downs and successes and the failures; he firmly believes that the 5Ls is the pathway to get through it all. His passion for the 5Ls and his vision to reach as many people as possible of all ages and stages in their life is his goal.

Michael J. Mannix brings over 30 years of experience spanning multiple industries, advancing to become an Executive Board Member of a Global BPO organization. Throughout his career, Mike has always taken a "Servant Leader" approach. Combined with his passion for teaching, this methodology has enabled his teams to continuously exceed their goals, creating a strong legacy of industry top talent. For this, he has been recognized through numerous global awards granted for excellence in leadership.

Michael also teaches as an Adjunct Professor at NYU, specializing in leadership, management, strategic planning, team building, and business development. Through Unparalleled Performance and their trademarked 5Ls – The Gift of a Balanced life program, Mike is fulfilling his lifelong passion of changing people’s lives around the globe for the better by giving them real tools to find true work-life balance.

What We Discuss in this Episode

  • How Sal came up with the 5 Ls as a student at Harvard in 1987
  • Unpacking the 5 Ls – Love, Laughter, Labor, Leisure and Leave
  • Self-love and the fifth L (knowing when to Leave)
  • The rise of a bestselling book
  • Personal and professional testimonies of impact
  • Reaching the next generation
  • Integrating balance throughout all 5 Ls
  • The power of choice
  • Which Ls were the toughest for Sal and Mike as executive business leaders
  • Prioritizing Labor in relationships
  • The true measure of success
  • Why self-love is critical to a life of balance and impact
  • Proof that people who are happier and more well-balanced get better opportunities
  • Why you need to prioritize your 5 Ls no matter how young or old you may be
  • Practical steps to applying the 5 Ls to your life and work

Complete Episode Show Notes: