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Mar 13, 2023

What is the secret to leading transformation? Sope Agbelusi is an executive coach, international speaker, husband, father of two, and the founder of MindsetShift, a leadership development company focused on developing authentic leaders. Corporately, he is sought after for his ability to help shift perspectives and install new mindsets that create lasting transformations.

He has worked with respected global brands such as Google, Spotify, Morgan Stanley, Philips, KPMG, Yale University, HSBC, and more. As an innovative leader himself, Sope contributed to generating $800M+ with several teams in the automotive and engineering industry. His valuable insights have been featured on BBC World News, BBC Radio 5 Live, talkSPORT, BusinessCloud, and SOCIAlight among others.

He is also the host of the Everyday Leadership Podcast, where he explores the leadership experiences of real people and how they lead from the inside out, not just the outside in.

Today we discuss the biggest mindset shift needed right now, transforming the stories we tell ourselves, knowing your value and boundaries, why work-life balance doesn’t exist, and how to truly lead from the inside out and create lasting transformation in your organization.

What We Discuss in This Episode with Sope Agbelusi 

  • The biggest mindset shift needed right now
  • How COVID impacted our mindset
  • Self-awareness and leading from the inside out
  • Moving from Nigeria to the UK as a teenager
  • Stepping into the fullness of who you are
  • Having the courage to make the necessary changes in your life
  • What does it mean to be an authentic leader
  • Knowing your values and boundaries
  • The key to building your self-confidence
  • Demonstrating leadership at home
  • Dealing with conflicting values in the workplace
  • Embracing new career possibilities
  • Why work-life balance doesn’t exist
  • How to create psychologically safe environments using harmony

Episode Show Notes: