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May 22, 2019

Soft-spoken and introverted by nature, Andrea Boweya has a quiet voice but a bold message that will inspire you to believe in love again, and take the necessary steps to build a healthier, more loving relationship with yourself and others.

Andrea is a registered psychotherapist, author and inspirational speaker. She has served individuals, couples and families through some of the most difficult experiences of life for almost twenty years. Andrea's passion to make a difference, by being intentionally present to the journey of healing in relationship, was ignited at a very young age. The demonstrated presence and wisdom of her Grandmother deeply instilled the important value; that listening far beyond what we audibly hear is a most essential pathway to longed-for healing. 

Andrea is passionate about serving those she meets to move towards hope, growth and healing in relationship with self, others and in marriage. She believes that one of the greatest gifts that we have been given is relationship, and when navigated with support and understanding, this gift genuinely leads us to experience the abundance and fulfillment we deeply desire.

Driven by an overall intention to reignite a healing pathway within individuals, families and the community at large, Andrea began The Restoration of Fatherhood in 2012, a strength-focused, ‘dialogue to action’ movement with a mantra: One Moment at a time – One Person at a Time – It is Possible! 

Legacy Moments, her first book is a generational treasure that is designed to support individuals and families to intentionally live, record and share legacy moments as a meaningful gift and roadmap for generations to come.

The Heart of a Good Thing, her most recent book, has been described as ‘a designed solution for restoration’. It is a resource that is sure to support you on a journey towards new beginnings of healing and Bold Love in your relationship with God, self, others and ultimately in marriage.

In today’s conversation, we explore with Andrea Boweya the quality questions and action steps that begin the process of healing and restoration, one conversation at a time. Learning from her own inability to communicate her needs as a child, Andrea explains the benefit of listening for the need rather than focusing on the behavior itself. This has helped her be more kind to herself, bring hope and love within the criminal justice system as a psychotherapist, as well as in building a lasting, loving marriage with her husband of many years. Most importantly, Andrea encourages us to discover who we really are, as this self-awareness and self-love is the basis for all our relationships.

Key Takeaways

  1. Discovery questions to ask yourself: “Who am I? Where am I coming from? What have I held onto? What is my passion?”
  2. On finding the ‘right’ life partner: “Do they know who they are? What is their passion? Do you share in that passion? Is this person bold in the way they express themselves in love and are they able to be emotional and connected?”
  3. Most of us behave out of our void. In order to love beyond the initial attraction phase, see the need beyond the surface behavior.
  4. Love is a choice and it is also an action.
  5. Most people who have experienced transformation in their life, it has something to do with a deeply spiritual experience.
  6. God is a reference for how a relationship could be done in the most successful way.
  7. We are called to love and also to see the need for love in others.
  8. Instead of telling fathers where they lack, let’s build on what is remaining.
  9. Truly listening far beyond what we can hear is the pathway to healing, particularly in a time of human suffering.
  10. Relationship is one of the greatest gifts that God has given to humanity.
  11. Be willing to do what it takes to discover who you truly are.
  12. Know that the gift you give to others is actually the gift you give to yourself.


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