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Leaders Of Transformation | Conscious Business | Global Transformation | Leadership Development

Want to grow your business? Make a greater impact in the world? Become a leader in your industry?

Every week our host Nicole Jansen interviews business leaders and difference makers who are transforming the world with their strengths, passion and expertise. Tune in weekly to hear inspiring stories of transformation, overcoming obstacles, and global impact.

From freeing women and children from the sex trafficking industry, to transforming the way we do business and interact with others, these leaders of transformation will inspire and equip you to be the difference maker and world changer you were born to be.

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Oct 30, 2018

How do you master your emotions and enjoy greater happiness and success in your life?

Masha Malka is living proof of what can happen if human potential is allowed to express itself. Leaving the only life and country she had known, Masha Malka’s life was turned upside down at the age of 17, when her family fled the...

Oct 25, 2018

Named "A productivity mastermind" by Fast Company, Chris Bailey ran a year-long productivity project where he conducted intensive research, as well as dozens of productivity experiments on himself, to discover how to become as productive as possible.

Chris has written hundreds of articles on the subject, and...

Oct 22, 2018

Phillip Andrew is an Emmy-nominated TV Producer, a world-traveled DJ and MC, a media and life coach, an author, and speaker. His TV shows have been viewed on Netflix, YouTube Red, CBS, NBC and more. But in his words, none of that really matters. What matters is he is dedicated to helping other people through the power...

Oct 18, 2018

Halelly Azulay is an author, speaker, facilitator, and leadership development strategist and an expert in leadership, communication skills, and emotional intelligence. She is the author of two books, Employee Development on a Shoestring and Strength to Strength: How Working from Your Strengths Can Help You Lead a More...

Oct 15, 2018

Lynnis Woods-Mullins is a Certified Holistic Living and Wellness Expert and Certified Life Coach for women over 40. She is the Founder of PraiseWorks Health and Wellness, a faith based mind, body, spirit wellness company that specializes in educating women over 40 through her coaching programs, e-books,  DVD’s,...