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Jan 10, 2017

As an introvert, people thought Darren Carrington was crazy to pursue a career and radio and television broadcasting.  Yet, his perceived weakness was transformed into a strength when he learned to focus on the audience and how messages were impacting them (or not).  

Over his 25 year career in radio and TV broadcasting, Darren worked his way up through the ranks to become a presenter, producer, and ultimately, station manager. 

Today, he coaches entrepreneurs on how to create better marketing videos for their business.  In this interview, Darren explains some of the fundamentals to video and audio production that made him so successful in radio and TV, and that can be directly applied to creating better videos that convert more clients.

We explore the principles of communication, human behavior dynamics, relatable storytelling, and the anatomy of an effective video.

Key Takeaways

1) Darren's 3 R's for better videos: Be RELATEABLE, RELEVANT, and REHEARSE

2) Audience attention tends to wane at 60 seconds. The average 60 second word count is 150 words.  Use them wisely!  (1) Introduce yourself and your topic, (2) get to the core of your message, and (3) finish with an effective call-to-action.

3) Everyone has a preferred communication style.  Learn yours, and that of your ideal client/listener, so you can tailor your video and call to action accordingly.

4) You're only ever talking to one person. 

5) Storytelling is not about you. Be sure it is relatable to their needs, not yours.

Darren Carrington Bio

Darren Carrington has 25 years of experience in radio and TV broadcasting, including as a presenter, producer, programme director, and station manager. He is also established in the field of professional training and development, recruiting, and personal, executive, and high performance team coaching.  

Today, he coaches entrepreneurs on how to be comfortable, confident and convert more clients using video.

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