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Jan 9, 2018

Nomad CEO Drew Gerber is an explorer in both his life and on the map. He spends his time positively impacting communities where he renovates properties and launches education and job programs, all while helming PR flagship company Wasabi Publicity, Inc.

Author of the book, “Destination Aha! Becoming Unstuck in Life and Business,” Drew has spent the last 30 years inspiring those who want to change the world. His PR firm is known for landing clients on Oprah, The Wall Street Journal, Inc., Forbes, Entrepreneur and other top media outlets. A team of thinkers and innovators, Drew and Wasabi Publicity are changing global conversations and challenging industry conventions.

In our conversation with Drew, he explains the three types of PR exposure and dispels certain wide-spread myths about PR. A lifelong student of transformation, Drew also shares his personal journey, how he started Wasabi Publicity, and turned his OCD tendencies into a huge opportunity for him in business.

As an added bonus, Drew describes his experience in writing his first book, along with a valuable shortcut he learned for creating book outlines, which he and a colleague now teach others through their program called “Overwhelm To Ease – Writing A Book That Gets You What You Want.

Funny, lighthearted and thoughtful, Drew will empower you with ease and confidence. As he says so eloquently, “Relax. It all turns out in the end. If it hasn’t turned out, it’s not the end.”  

Key Takeaways

1) When it comes to publicity, more isn’t better. Intention amplification isn’t about bigger; it’s about fulfilling what you’re ultimately committed to.

2) Media outlets want you to be entertaining or educating – the holy grail is doing both.

3) PR is your relationship with the public. From Day 1 of your business, you should be thinking about PR – it’s the most valuable marketing tool you have (whether you do it yourself or hire someone else).

4) Go to those places that scare you. That’s where the gold lies. That’s the Universe pointing you towards your genius.

5) Don’t write a book just to write a book. The media less and less uses that as credibility these days. Do what you love to do and integrate it into your PR.

6) Traveling is the most transformational thing you can do, particularly traveling outside the US.

7) You have a view of the world and you have the freedom to choose it.

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