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Jul 30, 2018

Have you ever struggled with managing money effectively while you focus on fulfilling your passion and purpose?   

Christine Luken, the Financial Lifeguard, is a money coach, speaker, and the author of Money is Emotional: Prevent Your Heart from Hijacking Your Wallet. She empowers her clients to rescue their financial dignity by co-creating a Prosperity Plan to decrease debt, increase savings, and direct spending to what’s really important to them. Christine has a degree in Accounting and is an active member of the Financial Therapy Association.  She has over a decade of financial counseling experience, both with individuals and small business owners.  Christine teaches her corporate Money Wellness classes to employees all over the country via webinar and lives in the Cincinnati area.

In today’s conversation with Christine, we discuss the emotional side of money along with practical steps for getting control of your money. Christine shares her own experience hitting financial rock bottom and how she recovered from that within less than a year. She also found her purpose through it, and explains to us how to transform our relationship to money.

Are you respecting your money? Being honest with yourself about money? Giving positive attention to your money? Any relationship requires respect, honesty and positive attention to thrive. Listen in as Christine provides practical steps and guidance for creating a financial relationship that allows you to live the life you choose, and make a greater impact in the world as you partner with your money in a healthy way.   

Key Takeaways

  1. Envision money like a person that you’re in a relationship with. What makes for a good relationship is respect, honesty and positive attention.
  2. Are you respecting your money and how can you tell? Are you respecting the physical space where you have your transactions? Do you have some place where you put all of your bills?
  3. Most people are dishonest with themselves about money. They don’t want to face things.
  4. Many people are ignoring their money. They don’t take the time to look at their finances with their spouse. Schedule a date night with money.
  5. What are your money narratives? Write down everything negative you say about money. Where did that come from? Rewrite them into the positive. “It’s normal for me…” “Of course I have….”
  6. You and money can change the world
  7. Human beings make decisions emotionally. The good news is that you can begin to control your emotions and not let them highjack your wallet.


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