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Oct 15, 2021

How we can help those struggling with drug addictions end the cycle of trauma for good? Christina Dent is the Founder and President of End It For Good, a nonprofit advocating a health-centered approach to drugs and addiction rather than a criminal justice approach.

Christina lives in Mississippi and changed her own mind about the best way to handle drugs after she became a foster parent. She's an unlikely advocate for changing our drug laws, as a conservative Christian with a degree in the Bible, who's never used an illegal drug. But she's convinced that changing our approach to drugs can save lives, strengthen families, and make our communities safer.

She founded End It For Good several years ago to provide education and an invitation for more people to change their minds too.

Listen as we explore the cause and long term effect of criminalizing drug addiction along with solutions to help people struggling with drug addiction get the help they need in a proactive and compassionate way.

What We Discuss with Christina Dent in This Episode

  • What lead a conservative Christian to become an advocate for people with drug addiction
  • The criminalization of drug addiction
  • The root cause of the overdose crisis
  • How our current approach to drug addiction is impacting families
  • How Portugal cut their injection drug use in half and created one-third less addiction
  • The benefits of different regulatory models
  • Legalizing marijuana and other drugs
  • How End It For Good educates and advocates for people with drug addiction
  • How to learn more so you can make an informed decision

Episode Show Notes: