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Apr 17, 2023

Why are more people putting their faith in God right now? Josh Nelson is the founder and lead pastor of The Station Church in Carlsbad, California. When he was in his 20’s he was seeking purpose like many others his age. After much prayer, Josh felt the call of God to be pastor and received the vision to plant a church that would be life-giving, relevant, and fun.

Josh and his beautiful wife Tara started The Station Church in 2012 with just a handful of people who were passionate to reach people for Christ. Faithfully, they operated as a portable church, setting up and tearing down every Sunday for eight years.

In December 2020, they took over the lease on an old movie theater and spent the next nine months renovating it into what it is today, complete with a brand-new stage, sound system, huge LED screens, mommy room, and a safe and fun area for parents to bring their children.

Their goal? To create a friendly, warm environment where the truth of God’s Word is preached in a way that reaches the lost as well as equips and strengthens believers.

Listen as we explore their transformative approach to church life, dispel some myths about Jesus, Christianity and who God really is, and why now more than ever, people are putting their faith in God.

What We Discuss in this Episode

  • Why Josh chose to start a different kind of church in Carlsbad CA
  • Blending faith, fun and family
  • Dispelling common myths about God
  • Introducing Jesus as the greatest leader of all time
  • If you’re too big to serve, you’re too small to lead
  • The journey from a portable church to taking over a 20,000 sq ft building
  • The big challenge that pastors are facing in today’s culture
  • How to present the truth in love
  • Using humor as a powerful communication tool
  • What is Perfect Love anyway?
  • Why the 10 Commandments are for our benefit (vs God just trying to control us)
  • How we are created to worship God vs other things
  • The Station vision for reaching more people in Southern California
  • Transforming lives by loving people where they’re at
  • A pastoral prayer for all of us

Complete Show Notes: